User Instructions

NOTE: Edz Kidz Earmuffs are not a toy and should be used under adult supervision for hearing protection only.

Instructions for use

1. Unfold the earmuffs by pushing the two ear cups down.

2. Extend the headband to the maximum "open" position, and place the protective cups over the ears, with the headband passing over the head.

3. Settle the headband in position on the head while adjusting the height of the ear cups until they feel comfortable. The headband should rest comfortably on the head to support the earmuffs. When worn by smaller children, the headband may sit slightly above the top of the head. The ear defenders will still work effectively in this position.

4. The ear cusions should be a snug, comfortable fit against the head. It is important to put the ear muffs on comfortably before exposing the wearer to any sort of noise. The earmuffs should be worn for the entire time that potentially damaging noise is present.

Application: When used correctly and properly maintained, Edz Kidz Ear Defenders are designed to protect the ears of the wearer from potentially harmful noise. The earmuffs are designed to specifically reduce high frequency noise.

Safety Standards: Edz Kidz Ear Defenders comply with international safety standards, specifically those found within the European Directive 89/686/CE annex II - European Standard EN352-1:1993 - "Hearing Protectors - Safety Requirements and Testing - Part 1: Ear Muffs"

The notified body issued the 'CE' Safety Standard marking: EP-108-0070 (INRS)

Cleaning: Clean with warm, soapy water or disinfectant. Disinfect at least once every 3 months. Do not use organic solvents or alcohol based cleaning products.

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